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About Dubai Marina

Since first being established in 2003, Dubai Marina district has become one of the most coveted real estate zones in all of Dubai (and indeed, in all of the United Arab Emirates as a whole). In an effort to provide more waterfront property – both for long-term residents and tourist – engineers excavated many kilometers of desert land and transplanted water from the Persian Gulf to create a man-made canal. The result of this accomplishment was the development of the Dubai Marina district, which, when completed, will be able to house more than 120,000 people in comfort and luxury.

There is a long list of reasons to live in Dubai Marina. First of all, the development is one of the most talked about in all of Dubai. Drawing inspiration from a similar manmade waterway development in Vancouver, British Columbia (in Canada), Dubai Marina is the utopia of the real estate world. With towering high-rises, glistening waterways, plentiful public paths, and thriving commerce, Dubai Marina will soon be an epicenter of life for the UAE’s biggest city, and those living or staying in the development’s apartments will have front row seats to all the glitz and glamour.

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